Considering that 120 years has passed since the day Douraghi was founded as mostly a trading business, the managers has always had a strategic plan for the years ahead and tried to learn from the past experiences.

Even now, what is driving our business through and forward the strategic management of the board of directors who have always adapted themselves to the changes and applied the wisdom of the company’s wide expertise which has been formed through many years, to predict the future and be a pioneer. Just like 1980s, when external transit from south Iran ports to CIS countries was pioneered by our trucks.

Our vision for the future includes:

  1. Predicting and following the Technological and technical advances of international transportation

  2. Sharing the Knowledge of international transportation by Douraghi’s blog plus producing new ,technical and applicable papers for Iranian and foreign magazines

  3. Being a pioneer in simplification of international transportation process by implementing online and electronic services in order to provide faster and more reliable service