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Story of Douraghi

Douraghi Family is one of the oldest families of the ancient city of Shooshtar in Khouzestan province which has a lot of history behind them over the years.

Foundation of Douraghi Company goes back to nearly ۱۲۰ years ago in 1891, when the oldest son, Abdollah, leaves Shooshtar for Khorramshahr to start his trading business there.


Douraghi House in Shooshtar Which Has Been Registered as a National Monument

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By the time the trade flourished, Abdollah made acquaintances with lots of Iranian and Indian merchants in India. They would render him credit and ship the merchandise by sailing and steamships without him having to travel all the way there.

Later on Abdollah Brought his younger brother, Abdolkareem, to foster him the basics of the business.


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Haj Abdollah Douraghi passed away in 1948. after him, his son-in-law, Mohammad Ali Douraghi, pursued his career as a customs broker, merchant and shipping agent in Khorramshahr.

Khosro Douraghi, Phd, born in 1938, went to England after finishing high school in Khorramshahr and Tehran. He then got his bachelor and master degree in Chemistry from London University. He was the recipient of the scholarship from NASA and RCS institute to continue his doctorate in Glasgow (Scotland) and Bristol (England) in Chemistry. He came back to Iran in 1967 and cooperated with NIOC from 1968 to 1988 and has been working in his family Company since 1988 in international shipping.


Mahmoud Douraghi, Ph.D, was born in 1942. He went to England in his adolescence and graduated from high school in London. he studied pharmacy in university and received his bachelor degree. He then came back to Iran in 1965 and resumed his studies in university of Shiraz province. After receiving his Masters degree, he went to America and received his Ph.D. from university of Ohio.

Dr. Mahmoud came back to Iran in 1976 and has directed the family company ever since.


In the early 1970s, Nasser Douraghi, son of Mohammad Ali came to work besides his father, in order to learn the knack of business as the first successor of the third generation of Douraghi’s family business management. he then, managed financial and marketing departments and has been a borad member ever since.